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We have a skilled team who are able to offer a full transcriptionist providing accurate and professional transcripts. We charge our service based upon the duration of any recording, spoken in English, with additional fees for more than two speakers (max 4). 

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Transcription Services Provided

We are able to transcribe as per any template that you need us to follow. In addition, we will use the correct font and spacing as per your requirements. We are also able to add standard markers where appropriate. We work with you to provide a complete service. Time-codes can also be used if required.

Typical turn around time for the majority of transcriptions is 2-3 days however for urgent matters we are able to provide a 24 hour service (not including weekends and bank holidays)

About our Transcription service

Our transcribers have both legal and medical backgrounds. We are familiar with the latest terminology, we offer full security, peace of mind and most of all the utmost confidentiality. Our transcribers are all UK based so rest assured no information or data will be sent overseas to third parties.

Whether you require a transcription of an interview, voice recording, conference call, time-coded transcription or podcast, we are here to provide our full transcription service. We also transcribe pre-edit audio/video files relating to broadcasts and are fully familiar with time-code accuracy and burnt in time codes (BITC).

When we transcribe you can choose that the output we provide is supplied either with clean speech or exactly as spoken. Transcribing with a clean speech removes examples of stuttering and most significantly when people use ums and uhs.

If there are moments which are unclear within the supplied audio, we will add a timestamp noting the point, for example we will add [Inaudible 00:03:20].

When a speaker is interrupted and their sentence unfinished we will note this with the use of double hyphen.

Other anomalies typically found when transcribing can also be taken into consideration including pauses and time stamping throughout.

Transcription file formats

File formats we will supply

Our transcribed finished article can be supplied in Microsoft Word format or if you prefer we can add your logo and supply in PDF format. We are also offer a print and publish service. Just let us know your requirements.

Audio file formats we accept

In order to begin we will need your recording, we can accept most common audio or video formats such as MP3MP4DCT, or WAV. We are even able to assist with web URL such as Youtube. For large files we suggest file transfer programs such as Dropbox or WeTransfer.

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